Walking The Cotswold Way in Chipping Sodbury

Walking is a great exercise. Walking is also a fabulous way to explore a new place you are visiting. Many people around the world choose to walk and trek through several areas to explore places that can never be explored by automobiles. The best part is the jewels are always hidden from plain sight and is best experienced when you have time in your hands. Walking through Chipping Sodbury, you are bound to find beautiful views and will be greeted with sounds of actual Chipping locale. One of the most famous trails that you can walk is the Cotswold Way. Walking from Campden South to Bath, this trail over 100 miles of landscape and sights that you will relish.

The Trail Through Cotswold Way

Experiencing the trail by foot is no easy feat for anything; however, experienced a trekker you are, 100 miles of plain walking can tire you out. Moreover, there are sights to relish and food to enjoy when you are out in the country. So, you want to be able to take a few days to complete the entire walking trail. However, there are options for using public transport here and there if you are planning a quick trip to mark it off your bucket list item.

  • Taking Breaks – If you like a little bit of history in your adventure, then stop by the Old Sodbury village about 19  miles from Bath for some fantastic experiences into ancient ruins. The town is great to stop off and unwind rather than finish the entire Cotswold Way in one go. The village also has some public transport if you are tired and want to take a break or two from walking. Bed and Breakfasts line the town making it a perfect place to set down for the day. Picnic areas are another favourite place that many walkers love about the village.
  • Exploring By Day – Old Sodbury, Frome Valley Walkway, Dodington Park, Jubilee Way etc. are some of the famous landmarks that you will encounter on your trails. Keep looking out for sights that are usually marked off on maps from information desks. Completing these places in one day will not really do justice to the expedition. You will also find that many of the paths and ways follow that of rivers. The river Forme and the River Severn are two of the main rivers that you will encounter on a walk through the roads here.

What to Look For

Many people come forward to volunteer to keep the walkway clear from any vegetation that obstructs visitors. All visitors are welcomed to leave feedback about any issues that they encounter along the way. When walking through the way, keep a lookout for the following:

  • Two rival Baptist Chapels that are often talked about
  • A drinking trough that acts as a memorial in the village green in Old Sodbury
  • Medieval fishponds that are found under the church, and
  • A fort which is the last remains of the Iron Age found on the North from the village

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