Things to do in Chipping Sodbury Part 2

Clay Shooting

Lady’s Wood Shooting School

Are you interested in adventurous sighting while traveling around England? Well, then you are in luck! Make sure to visit the Lady’s Wood Shooting School in Chipping Sodbury. The shooting school provides clay shooting lessons, game lessons, gun fitting, and shooting from an Extreme tower. If you are traveling with friends who like guns, you can also purchase a gift voucher to the Lady’s Wood Shooting School. We would encourage tourists to check out this amazing shooting school, and here are just a few reasons why you should consider it.

The Lady’s Wood Shooting School is one of the best shooting schools in the UK. Established in 1982, the school offers lessons for both amateurs and professionals. If you have arranged a visit prior to your arrival, you are in safe hands! The school will make sure you have an instructor by your side, who will keep you safe and teach you how to shoot. The school also provides a wide variety of shooting rifles and shotguns as well as comfortable clothing, cartridges, and different sporting accessories. One of the main advantages of visiting the shooting school is that you can choose from a variety of shooting lessons.

Clay Shooting Lessons

Clay shooting lesson includes shooting clay pigeons, and the lessons are formed around hitting the moving target, also known as the pigeon. These specific lessons can be accommodated to individual lessons, group lessons, or lessons for juniors (under 18 years old). If you are traveling with a group of three people and more the price is £50 per person ($65 or €60). The price does not include the number of clay pigeons you and your friends are going to use, the number of cartridges, and other consumables. If you would like to have a full day of one-on-one instruction, with the 300 clay pigeons, refreshments, and a report, it will cost you £700 ($907 or €836) plus taxes. But if you decide to stick to the regular one hour lesson you will not be disappointed. After the lesson, you will be welcome to return to the main territory, rest, and try the homemade cake provided by the staff in the shooting school.

Game Shooting Practice

If you would like to enjoy the game shooting lessons and also walk across the school’s territory, you might want to consider choosing the game shooting practice. The pricing is the same as for the Clay Shooting Lessons if it is a group of two or more individuals, and each of you will get 100 clay pigeons. During the game shooting practice, you will be able to enjoy the facilities of the school, which are spread out over 55 acres or 22.2 hectares of grounds. You and your friends will be able to shoot from different towers located on the territory. You will be shooting in the wild as well, and your instructors will take care of your safety and learning experience. Before traveling to Chipping Sodbury, you can give the shooting school a call and arrange the lesson.

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