Things to Do in Chipping Sodbury Part 1

Things to Do in Chipping Sodbury

Golf Club

Are you traveling to Chipping Sodbury and not sure what to do there? Don’t worry, we got you covered! If you have been playing golf for a long time, or you just want to try, then this town is for you. While in Chipping Sodbury make sure to stop by and play at the Chipping Sodbury Golf Club. The history of the club dates back to the year 1200. Whether an amateur or a professional, you need to check out this Golf Club, and here are just a few reasons why.


The Chipping Sodbury Golf Club has been re-formed two times during its existence and used four different courses until it arrived at the final layout that has been functioning since 1971. This famous course is now known as The New ‘Beaufort’ Course. This club is famous for its territory, which is roughly 105 acres or almost 43 hectares of land, and is a private members club. Moreover, the reason why the Golf Club has perfect conditions for the game is twofold. One of the main advantages is that the ground is always dry, even if is the worst weather possible. And the other advantage is the grounds have a very low population of insects and worms, allowing for the surface to remain perfect. Everything is surrounded by small lakes, trees, and freshly cut grass, which makes the game even more enjoyable.

As a visitor to the Chipping Sodbury Golf Club, you will have to pay the fee for entering the private territory. There are different prices for the Summer and Winter season. The prices differ also based on the hour, day, and age of the guest. While it might be a bit pricy, as the prices during the Summer season can reach £56.00 ($73 or €67), it is definitely worth the visit. The club offers three different sites at their clubhouse.

In the Lounge and Restaurant you can enjoy the panoramic view of the golf course from the balconies. You can also order food from their exclusive restaurant. The clubhouse offers seasonal, traditional, and international cuisine with a wide range of wines as well. If you are traveling as a large group and would like to dine at the clubhouse, make sure to reserve it beforehand. However, you should also remember the clubhouse has a dress code to which you should abide. The dress code includes training shoes, shirts, trousers or shorts.

If you do not feel like dining or playing golf, you are more than welcome to use the Players’ Bar at the clubhouse. In this section of the clubhouse, you can watch rugby on their large screen TV and discuss the game with other visitors. This room will not require you to follow the strict dress code, so you are allowed to wear a bit more relaxed, casual outfits. When visiting the Chipping Sodbury Golf Course, whether you are a golf player or a tourist, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes.

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