Plan Your Perfect Victorian Day at Chipping Sodbury

Plan Your Perfect Victorian Day at Chipping Sodbury

When you are planning your Christmas holidays, and you are thinking of traveling somewhere with the family, then make sure to mark your calendar for the beginning of December and visit Chipping Sodbury in England. While the date of the event isn’t specifically set, and is decided by a special Victorian Day committees, it is customary for the this celebration to fall on the first weekends of December. They usually post the date for each year well in advance on their website. Make sure to visit the Chipping Sodbury Victorian Day to get a glimpse of what the Victorian Christmas spirit was all about.

Since these are Christmas holidays, which among the most celebrated times of the year around the world, we would advise you to plan out the whole trip to Chipping Sodbury in advance.  The town is small and places to stay are extremely limited, so arranging your lodgings just a week before the trip might prove difficult. Usually, the celebration starts at noon and lasts until late at night. During the day, on the streets of Chipping Sodbury you will be able to stop by small booths with a wide variety of trinkets and food. Some of the food might include traditional roasted chestnuts, mulled wine, and mince pies. If you might not feel like walking around the town all day, do not worry. All the local cafes and pubs are fully functional during the Victorian Day celebration, so you’ll still have the opportunity to have a pint.

Throughout the day there will be a variety of entertainment on the stage, which will include local bands, choirs, theater performances, and dances. Later in the day, everyone will witness a visit from Father Christmas who will arrive on his sleigh, marking the beginning of the Christmas season. As you will be walking around the market town, the Victorian entertainers will be there to perform and showcase how Christmas was celebrated in Victorian times. One of the main reasons why you should consider starting the Christmas Season in Chipping Sodbury is because the Victorian Day is completely organized by a team of volunteers. Each year the volunteers from various councils and clubs gather together to make Victorian Day at an unforgettable experience for its residents and tourists. Supporting their efforts by attending the event and participating in the festivities is what keeps this tradition alive. If you are the volunteering type yourself, you can contact the organizers – they will happily take you on board. You’ll be certain to meet new people and have your experience of Victorian day be that much more immersive.  

Victorian Day is a great way to get away from a commercialized Christmas of your average, densely populated metropolitan area, and experience true English tradition. The people in Chipping Sodbury welcome everyone with open hearts and will make sure you will have a marvelous time in their small market town. So, book the rooms, mark your calendar and make sure to attend the Victorian Day at Chipping Sodbury!

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