Interesting Facts about Chipping Sodbury

Interesting Facts about Chipping Sodbury

When traveling to a new country or a new town, you first pay attention to the most obvious facts about the place. You research where to stay, what are some of the most famous tourist attractions around the place, where to eat, what you can do there in the evenings, and so on. However, what you can do next time when traveling somewhere is to research the most interesting or quirky facts about that place. Here, we gathered just a few most interesting facts about Chipping Sodbury in England.

Fact #1

While Chipping Sodbury is a small market town, it actually has the second widest street in the country – the High Street. It may seem weird, but when the town of Chipping Sodbury was built, this specific street was created with a specific purpose. As it was a market town, people had to make sure they were able to accommodate animal cages or pens for the regular markets the town used to host. Nowadays, the space on the street is used for free parking.

Fact #2

Chipping Sodbury is located not far away from the other two Sodburys. Originally, the name “Sodbury” referred to the hill fort, which was known as Sodbury Camp, the main feature of a small district that had its own church. There is also an Old Sodbury and Little Sodbury. The name “Chipping” means “market”. What’s more, there is a book written by Gordon Tily, titled “Three Sodburys”. If you are interested to learn more about the history of Old, Chipping, and Little Sodbury in greater detail, check the book on Amazon.

Fact #3

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter book and J.K. Rowling, then this fact is just another reason why you should visit Chipping Sodbury. The famous author of the wildly successful book series was born at the Chipping Sodbury Maternity Hospital on Station Road in 1965. Unfortunately, the hospital is no longer functioning. JK Rowling grew up in Winterbourne, which is just 16 minutes away from the Chipping Sodbury.

Fact #4

As the name Chipping Sodbury suggests, the market town used to accommodate a lot of farmers and animals back in the day. Even though they do not really have the need to hold the markets on a regular basis, they still keep their traditions alive. Twice a month, on the second and fourth Saturdays, everyone can join the farmers market. Moreover, there is also a Victorian-themed evening in December and over the year the Chipping Sodbury is flooded with jazz festivals and delicious food.

Fact #5

The town was founded in Norman times, but initially the inhabitants did not have a church. Instead, they had to walk two miles, which is roughly 3.2 km, to Old Sodbury to attend a service. Of course, later in history, there was a chapel built in Chipping Sodbury, and the residents did not have to worry about walking back and forth to Old Sodbury to receive their sermon.

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