Flocking to The Chipping Sodbury Food Festival

If there is one thing that people love to try and explore, it is the gastronomical offerings of a place. The types of food that are offered in different regions are unique in their own right. There is a remarkable difference in eating a pizza in America as opposed to trying what the Italians – The inventors of Pizza, offer. The same goes for every city and town in the world. Chipping Sodbury has its own offering of food that is close to the hearts of the locals as well. The council of Chipping, host a weekend every year to celebrate the food and drink that is unique to the region, where people from all over the area come to participate in. If you are a tourist and a foodie, then this is a festival that you don’t want to miss on your trip to Chipping Sodbury.

What to Expect From The Festival

The Chamber of Commerce in Sodbury are the organisers of the festival and usually host it on a weekend so everyone can be a part of it, even from out of town. Being an iconic festival, the events start-off with a food trail on Friday evening before the official Saturday inauguration of the festival. Every pub and restaurant in town have a chance to showcase their abilities as eateries at the trail and visitors can pick their favourites based on quality and unique taste.

From butchery demonstration to food juggling, there are numerous activities that every place hosts in order to create an impression with the public who attend. The food festival is not just about food, but also draw the audience to the massive beverage offerings of the region like Gins and beers. Workshops and taste sessions are available for people to try and choose their favs. The festival is an excellent chance for new pubs to launch their new menus and to get an idea of what the public will love better when served.

Bakers, host quizzes to enthral the audience, a very unique to the regional event and one that many people look forward to. Wine tasting audiences need not worry as there is an array of wines as well for their palates. Every kind of audience is bound to love the festival, and the entire atmosphere is said to induce a thrill, and the experience is one of a kind. Every year, some several new acts and events are added to the exiting program. The latest addition was a food truck rally that brought food truckers from all around to show off and cash out on their specialities.

Overall, every participant, visitor and spectator come to the festival for the experience and for the opportunity to be apart of the community. If there is one thing that is constant with the festival, it is the variety, and the number of attendees and this makes it one that is dear to the hearts of the inhabitants of Chipping Sodbury.

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