Exploring Chipping Sodbury With Kids – The Cattle Country Park

Travelling to Chipping Sodbury with kids can be an exciting experience for the little wards. The typical farm life and country can excite small children when they see their favourite farm animals and have a chance even to touch them at times. The Cattle Country Adventure Park is a farm of sorts but more on the scale of an adventure park and has been operational since the 90s. Over the decades the park has grown and added to its experiences. With a few extra trampolines and unique visitor attractions, the adventure park is a number one tourist destination for families with children. There are enough activities to keep everyone busy throughout the day when visiting the Cattle Country Park too.

The Country Adventure Experience

There are several times in the year when there are unique displays of bird shows, maize fields cut into mazes, magic shows and close encounter sessions with the animals in the park. The joys of riding on a tractor are not one which is available to every millennial child who has grown in the city these days. However, the fun of riding a tractor and getting a taste of farm life is available for kids and adults at the Cattle Country Park for a smidge of the cost; yet, an experience to cherish for a lifetime. As there are new activities that are added regularly, the information office can be called earlier to find out what they have in store for your day. The UK weather does little to dampen the rides and activities that are hosted at the park. Rain on sunshine, the rides are fully functional. Unless it is a storm then being able to experience many of the rides won’t be possible. Otherwise, most of the activities might shut for a couple of hours but reopen again when the weather is better. A café is available for those who are hungry and thirsty. Fuel up for an even better and longer day at the park.

Star Attractions

Little kids and big kids alike have a chance to experience the park. Both indoor and outdoor activities are available for the patrons so, there is no need to worry about climate or season. Some of the top experiences here are the Animal experiences, the Berkeley Castle, the Climbing Net, and not to forget the massive jumping pillow. The jumping pillow is by far the star attraction and the unique activity at the park. However, for the sake of health and safety, it is also the one activity that may shut for a few hours when there are rains.

Most people who head to the park go prepared for a day of splash and sun. There are a few water-based activities that people can experience here. The little kids of the family have safe and padded arenas that they can experience. There is little to worry about the safety at the park, as it is classified as a theme park, there are several things that are taken into consideration to make it safe for all ages here. Clean barbecue areas and picnic areas are perfect even if you wish to host a get together as a group here.

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