Dyrham Park in Chipping Sodbury – Exploring The County

As a small village in the outskirts of Bath in the UK, Dyrham houses the famous Dyrham park and is at the heart of Chipping Sodbury. Historically, the area was a battleground for the battle of Deorham during 577AD. This is where the place gets its name. The West Saxons who won the war colonised other cities around Dyrham as well. William FitzWido is said to be the chief who is recorded to have founded Dyrham and passed it down to Wynebald de Ballon. The manor where the chief lived and passed down till the 16th century is housed in the grounds of Dyrham Park and is today a unique place to visit in Chipping Sodbury. The park is a deer park today, and with its 17th-century house and gorgeous expanse of garden, it is a place marker that puts Chipping on the map today.

The House in The Park

The house being over 300 years old is open everyday between 11 am till 4 pm for visitors to come in for a visit. People who wish to volunteer at the house to keep its history alive are encouraged to help the tourists during their visit to the house. The artwork that is displayed at the manor is one that is awe-inspiring and carries historical value to what William Blathwayt brought in flavour to his abode. The furniture and collection of Dutch Delftware is another beauty you would not want to miss. The Great Hall in the manor hosts music now and again and is an experience of a lifetime. The house has been restored and repaired over the years to carefully keep up with the times and yet not changing its historical value by any means.

The Seasons in The Park

Every season in the park has something to offer visitors. For example, there are unique Christmas traditions that are hosted at the park, which are a part of the 17th-century lifestyle; one that is popular with the locals as well. Walking through the park is beautiful and offers gorgeous landscapes of fall colours during the Autumn months. With over 100 variety of trees in the park, the splendour and burst in colour are not to be missed. Other festivals like Pear Pressing and Harvesting is one that is unique during the Autumn months in the park. Trails and weekend crafts are regularly hosted at the park. For children, the park is a brilliant time to visit during the Christmas months. There are trails for storytelling and poetry that run through the terraces and the children enjoy the serenity of the whole place. There are visitor experiences and activities that are carefully formulated by volunteers and the trust of the park. They strive to keep the history of the park and the house alive for generations to come. A burst in experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of the 17th-century place is a unique one to the Dyrham Park.

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