Build Your Social Circle in Chipping Sodbury

Both Chipping Sodbury locals and visitors alike are in for a treat when exploring the different options for socialising that this South Gloucestershire market town has to offer.

Situated on the edge of the picturesque Cotswolds and within a stone’s throw of the bustling city of Bristol, Chipping Sodbury is perfectly located for those in need of lively group activities, chatty catch-ups and exploring the local area with friends. Whether you’d rather shelter from the weather at an indoor book group or strike out into the beautiful surrounding countryside, we’ve listed all the best social activities to be found in this popular little town. Less than an hour’s drive from both Bristol and Bath, there really isn’t a more charming gateway to the Cotswolds, and the best part is that it’s absolutely full of places to visit and things to do. So, let’s get on with it and take a look at what’s happening in the local area.

Games Night

Online and in-person gaming has experienced something of a boom during the past couple of years. With literally billions of people across the world logging in to video gaming platforms in 2021, you’d be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn’t enjoy this pastime in one form or another. At the same time, board games are having a renaissance, with newer titles like Catalan, Ticket to Ride and Mysterium earning hordes of loyal fans. All this activity means that a games night is likely to go down a treat with groups of friends. With plenty of options to choose from, you can either log in to a reputable online platform to sample everyone’s favourite casino games or try one of the popular battle royale games available across most devices. Alternatively, you can go old-school at one of the local board gaming groups like Gloucester Board Games Social or The Bath and Bristol RPG Meetup Group. These guys are into everything from the immersive Dungeons and Dragons to more casual titles like Avalon, Exploding Kittens and Sushi Go, so there’s room for everyone.

Book Group

If gaming isn’t your thing, then maybe getting stuck into a good book will entice you instead. Of course, everybody knows that the best parts of book groups are the snacks, the wine and the catty chatter which come with each meeting, but it does help if you read the assigned text too. Book groups are popular in the Chipping Sodbury area, so you can take your pick depending on which genre you most enjoy. However, it’s always especially rewarding to stray a little further outside of your comfort zone and be willing to read books that you might not necessarily have picked when left to your own devices. The true beauty of a supportive book group is that you can then share your delight at discovering a new favourite or your disappointment at finding a certain author hard work. Talking to fellow members about a text can uncover themes and structures within the text that you wouldn’t have noticed by yourself, and therefore bring a richer meaning to the reading experience. It’s also just a great excuse to have a few laughs on a Thursday night!


For those people who are more interested in getting out and about – rather than sitting in a dimly lit room discussing literature or gaming strategy – a walking group can be the perfect remedy. With the Cotswolds right on your doorstep, Chipping Sodbury is positively teeming with groups of hillwalkers, strollers, meanderers and dedicated hikers. Whether you’re an experienced walker or are interested in taking it up as a new hobby, you’re sure to find your niche catered for by one of the local collectives. And if you’d rather set out with just a few of your nearest and dearest, there are plenty of local trails and well-trodden routes for you to explore at your own convenience. The villages of Great Badminton and Sherston are both well within walking distance and provide a welcome respite stop for hungry, thirsty hikers. If you are a verified tree-lover, perhaps you’d rather visit the Westonbirt Arboretum 11 miles to the northwest or, if you’re a history buff, then the 2.5 mile Little Sodbury Walk could be right up your alley. It features some unforgettable views across the border and into Wales.

Whatever your preference in social activities, there is bound to be something here perfect for you. Chipping Sodbury is home to plenty of friendly, happy people, living as they do between one of the cultural capitals of the country (i.e., the city of Bristol), and one of the most outstanding areas of natural beauty on the island, namely the Cotswolds. So, best of look with your exploratory endeavours and let’s hope you make plenty of new friends along the way.

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